Water Pump

Clean water not only saves lives through the provision of safe drinking water, but also has a much wider impact including sanitation, growing food and sustaining livestock.


Due to the lack of job opportunities, for the local community in West Bengal, an empowerment project was started to help people to sustain themselves.

House Construction

A lot of the housing in West Bengal is makeshift housing. The houses are made of bamboo sticks, mud and straw. The roof of the houses is made of plastic sheeting.


Classes will include English, Mathematics and Geography. With your generous Donations we can continue to educate the youth of West Bengal, to help build their lives, at no cost to Them or their Parents.

Winter Warmth

During Winter, there are many poor and needy who do not have sufficient protection from the cold weather. The winter pack helps alleviate the suffering. The winter pack includes a blanket and scarf.

Food Distribution

There are many families in the poverty stricken areas of West Bengal, India in need of food to open and close their fast during the month blessed of Ramadhan. With your support West Bengal Charity Foundation will hand deliver over 2000 Iftari Packs to the poor and needy.

Disability Support

In the poor areas of West Bengal there are many people suffering from disabilities, they do not have the means of purchasing vital equipment to become independent and improve their standard of living.

Eye Care

Many poor people in the poverty stricken areas of West Bengal suffer from eye related illnesses. Due to poverty treatment is very difficult to afford leaving many people to suffer throughout their lifetime.